Our Services

End-to-End Solution for E-Commerce Shipments

We encompass all services required to transport products through various domains, predominantly in Uttar
Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Delhi/NCR. Furthermore, as a team, we believe in intelligent monitoring of our
services beyond planning expansion.

Door to Door Delivery

Ensured delivery at the doorstep of the end customer.

Business to Business Delivery

We comfort various organization in maintaining point to point delivery.

Business to Customers Delivery

Complete control over how the products get delivered.

2-Days Delivery

Express logistics, sending packages to the receiver within 2 days.

Cash on Delivery

Recipient pay the sum once the package is safely delivered.

Draft on Delivery

We collect the demand draft in the shipper’s name and hand over the same to client.

Supply Chain Management

Centralized management flow of goods & services.

Warehousing Facility

Assist in streamlining the warehouses processes.

International Courier Delivery

Assisting the services overseas is also our company’s mission.